Simply put: We love red meat, good wine, and really good food....we also love to know where our food comes from, how the food environment was treated, and all sorts of logistical things one tends to not think about when dining; but hey here we are in the middle of America supporting the most important workforce- farmers & ranchers. These passions combined with our deep desire to raise our family in the rural setting inspired us to bring the BEST beef from our pastures to your plates.



Silver Timber Ranch was named for the beautiful silver trees that fill the property. {Tia is especially fond of them!} From late spring to fall the silver leaves can be seen shimmering in all types of sun light.



  • Pasture to Plate Traceability

  • Livestock Bred for Taste and Marbling

  • Pastured Livestock {only happy cows here!}

  • Grass Fed & Grain Finished in a Natural Environment

  • No Artificial Growth Hormones Whatsoever

  • No Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics



Casey Yager

Owner, ranch operator

Casey Yager was born and raised in West Central, Illinois. He owns Silver Timber and oversees our entire operation. Casey's desire to produce the highest quality meat in an environmentally sound way inspired Silver Timber Ranch's way of life. With pastured raised, grain-finished cattle and never treated with hormones our cattle get only the best treatment.


Tia Yager

Owner, sales, ranch manager

Tia Yager was born and raised in Southeast, Iowa. She owns, handles the sales and marketing, and coordinates and performs management duties on Silver Timber. Tia is constantly striving to ensure that Silver Timber's beef is the best it can be to bring high quality meat from our pastures to your plates.


Charley Yager

top ranch hand

The top chore helper, calf namer, grain bucket filler, horse catcher, treat giver, gate closer, and expert ranch animal petter...little Miss Charley truly keeps this ranch going!


Dixie & Merle

herd management

Our best friends on the job and at home, these two keep our cattle in line and our hearts full!